IIn 1928 the Registered Master of Cutlery Rudolf Morocutti founded a shop with a knife and scissors grindery. In the second World War the business was twice destroyed by bombs. The store was rebuilt and is now a component of the Austrian economy. The business is still in the hands of the Morocutti family.

Our range of products consists of: hair scissors, household scissors, tailor's shears, pocket scissors, bandage scissors, scalpels, pocket knives, hunting knives, darts, kitchen knives, woodcarving tools, lockblades, swords, carving knives, carving machines, etc.

Of course as we are a Registered Master of business we offer only quality products of high quality manufacturers such as: Zwilling, Dreizack, Dick, Dreiturm, Stubai, Fox, Felco, Kunde, Böker, Fiskars, Hubertus, Puma, Martini, etc.

Our grindery is in the latest style.

If you want to be sure of our price-performance ratio, we would be pleased if you contact us! HandelsGmbH
Breitenfurter Str. 383
1230 Vienna
Austria - Europe
phone: +43 1 8651866

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Since 1977 we use the power from the sun and from a biomass heating to heat the water and our rooms. 1993 we added a Photovoltaik to make our own electric power from the sun. With these we safe much CO2 every year. Our full electric power usage is from renewable energy. Against a climate change. Since 1994 we use a electric car for deliveries and good pickups. We have responsibility for good goods for our customers and also for a healthy enviroment. Handels GmbH
Breitenfurter Str. 383
1230 Wien
Österreich - Europa
Tel: +43 1 8651866

Fax: +43 1 865186614

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