Wood Types

buxus sempervirens
density: 0,95
Small tree approximately 15 feet in height and 1 foot in diameter at the most, yellow-coloured wood.
  Cocobolo Mexico
dalbergia retusa
density: 1,10
Average-sized tree 65 to 95 feet high 1,5 feet in diamater, fluted trunks, orange and black dark orange in colour
Rose wood Brazil
dalbergia frutescens
density: 0,95
Small tree seldom higher than a foot in diameter, whose heart is pinkish yellow very plain pink to dark red streaks
  Root of briar France
erica arborea
density: 0,90
Briar root, the buried section of Mediterranean briar, mainly used to make pipes, pale rose-colour or light brown.
Root of boxwood France
buxus sempervirens
density: 0,95
Buried section of boxwood, beautifully veined, yellow-colour wood with fine traces of grey.
  Snake wood french Guiana
piratinera guianensis
density: 1,30
Small tree, 65 feet in height, 1 foot in diameter whose heart has snake-like traces or spots like leopard. It come from Brazil, Costarica Panama, it is a exotic wood. This wood is from the root of a tree which grow under the water.
Olive wood France
olea europaea
density: 0,90
This tree can become very old, reaching a height of 45 to 50 feet and 1 foot in diameter, the wood is light to dark brown with darker streaks.
  African ebony Gabon
diospyros cassiflora
density: 1,05
Small tree, 50 to 60 feet high, 2 feet in diameter, its heart is black and sometimes spotted with grey.
Macassar ebony the Philippines
diospyros discolor
density: 1,00
This tree can reach a height of up to 60 feet, and is 1,5 feet in diameter, strokes ok grey create a contrasting effect.