Material Informations

ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadine-Styrene)
      is a black thermosetting plastic with high impact strength and resistance to heat, water and chemicals.

Anodizing is an electro-chemical coating that alters appearance and enhances texture.

Carbon Fiber is a graphite woven laminate that is made of epoxy-coated carbon fiber and provides light weight and high tensile strength.

Cordura is a light weight, high-tenacity nylon fiber material that provides superior durability and wear-resistance!

Evrina is a durable synthetic material that closely emulates ivory.

Jigged Bone is formed of animal bone that has been textured.

Kevlar is formed of synthetic reinforcing fibers and provides stiffness, high tensile strength, light weight, and high abrasion resistance.

Kraton is a black thermoplastic rubber polymer used as a flexible inlay to enhance grip.

Micarta is a linen or paper fabric with epoxy resin laminate that provides light weight, durability and visual appeal.

Santoprene is a colorable, flexible rubber polymer used as an inlay to enhance grip and appearance.

Sermollan is a durable rubberized plastic used for secure grip.

Spauldite G-10 is an epoxy-filled woven "E" glass composite reinforced with glass fiber that provides exceptional strength and resistance in extreme conditions.

Stag Horn is the horn from an a animal antler.

Titanium is a non-ferrous metal used for its high tensile strength, light weight and corrosion resistance.

Titanium Carbonitride (Black-Ti) is a thin (3 micron) coating that provides a black finish.

TUFRAM is a synergistic infusion of polymeric particles interlocked with aluminum for high surface resistance to scratch, abrasion, and corrosion.

Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (Super Tough) is a nylon resin reinforced with glass fiber that provides durability, light weight and impact resistance.

300 Series Stainless Steel is an assortment of durable and rust-resistant steels.

Blond Horn Is a natural horn from the Buffalo. It is possible that light horn have some small cracks as it is not constant as dark hron.

Dark Horn a natural horn, with low cracks, the color is dark and sometimes with light color streaks.

Ivory is the tusk from the elephant, sometimes it is legal avaiable and will be used as knife handle.

t6061 T6 aluminium is a light weight, heat-treatable high grade aluminum with excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

Amboina Is a wood, the plant grow as bush in South East Asia, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Amourett is a noble snake wood with fine structures, hard and dense. It grow in south America.

Birch a light weight wood it grow as most in Europe, Asia, Japan and North America

Bronce is a heavy Metalalloy (similar as copper and brass).

Cocobolo decorative with a color from dark orange to deap red and with black Wires strips through it. It is strong and still easy to manufacture. Honed surfaces are very fine.

Corian a high grade combined material made from natural materials and Acrylpolymer. A practical material.

Ironcast a easy breakable and rustable material.

Ebony a hard and rare wood. For a layman is ebony a dark black wood.

G10 with glass fibre strengthened plastic, used in the space flight industrie too.

Chamois the horn from the Chamois, live as most in mountains regions.

imitated ivory plastic which look similar ivory.

Imitated Stag plastic which look similar stag horn.

Imitated mother of pearl plastic with a similar look as mother of pearl.

Imitated horn similar as horn.

Bone are animal bones preserved and sometimes dyed.

Kraton a strong light weight plastic.

Leather made of the skin of animals.

Mammuth the horn from Mammuths. Very rare as Mammuths are since over 10000 years extinct.

Oliver wood The wood from Oliver trees. Oliver trees grow in the area of south Europe.

Pakka Wood a imitated wood.

Palisander Wood is the tradename for kind of woods from the type Dalbergia. Palisander wood is a precious wood.

Patina is a surface made through ageing or artificial ageing.

Mother of Pearl is a iridescent natural material. Mother of pearl are from pearl mussel, spinning top,- pin- mussels, round mouth snails, sea ear (animal) and pearl boat (all animals). The colors from the mother of pearl are different from the species and geografical area.

Plastic Wood is plastic.

Roe Deer from a Roe deer.

Rose Wood is a collective name for some tropical woods. It is not from the wood of the rose.

Tortoise parts of the back shield from different kinds of turtles.

Snake wood from South America. The trees get a high up to 25 meters and the trunk up to 1 meter diameter. The wood have a high density, is hard and need long to be dry.

Zytel is the trademark for the material Polyamid. It is a stron kind of plastic.

Steel is a alloy metal with carbon.

Textile is a textile.

Synthetic means artificial.

Thuja wood The dark brown wood for the Thuja grain is from the root bulb from the Sandarak tree. Orign: Area South Spain.

Titanium leight weight, strong, flexible and not rustable.

Gold coated a thin film gold as surface.

Silver coated a thin film silver as surface.

root wood The dark brown wood for the Thuja grain is from the root bulb from the Sandarak tree. Orign: Area South Spain.

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