Access / Login Problems

      When you register you give in your login name and your password. The password must have at least six letters. With these two words, you always have access to your previous orders, your data the date your order was shipped and your parcel tracking number.

If you forgot your password you will you have the possibility to receive automatically a new one per e-mail. If you are already a customer of your data is saved in our records. If you have problems either with your log in or with your password please write us per e-mail

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As we changed the database and made the online store software more modern and more easy to use, are since fall 2006 all passwords new if the user registered in fall 2006 or before. In this case you received an e-Mail with your new password. The new password is your e-Mail address. Please change this password to an other password.

If you aren't able to log in, please send us an e-Mail with your Name, address and e-Mail which you used at your registration, that we can make an new login for you.
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