- combo edge grinding service

You are not statisfied with the edge of your knives and scissors?

We can grind for you knives, scissors, meat grinder knives, pruning shears, circular saws, nail and cuticle scissors, hair scissors (also with micro cog), woodworking tools and much more that need more edge..

Our general manager have the honour of registered master of cutlery and registered master of mechanical engineering! After we received your goods, it need only approx. 3-4 workdays that we are able to dispatch it to you back.

Please write us an e-Mail for more questions!

Your Martin Morocutti
registered master of cutler
registered master of mechanical engineering

Also we are able to grind a Combo Edge into your knives!

The length of the combo edge (the spyder grind) is 35mm or we can grind it into the full blade.

35 mm Spyderedge ___ EUR 2.50 excl. VAT (into new knives bought from us)

full Spyderedge ___ EUR 3.34 excl. VAT (into new knives bought from us)

If you buy a knife from us and want the Spyderedge into the knife, please write us an e-Mail within an half hour after you made your order. <? require(""); ?>